Only, we’ll now call it voice commerce. This year’s CES in January 2019 was deemed the year of voice. Since then, research has repeatedly shown this might well be true, and not just another buzzword.

According to the latest consumer survey by Adobe Digital Insights (ADI), consumers are now starting to buy things using their voices. Although this trend is just getting started, the potential is huge – voice-activated shopping is convenient and efficient, and a fifth of smart speaker owners have already bought something by starting a conversation with their voice assistant.

The survey also showed more and more people find voice ads less intrusive and more engaging than TV, print, online and social.  What’s even more important, they work – 39% led to a sale. Since a lot of people don’t skip audio ads, the sale potential of this medium is really promising.

And although people who own smart speakers at home still use them primarily for music, weather, and… asking fun questions, combining voice with a mobile could create a powerful sales combo for online retailers. Which we’re likely to see in the coming years.

To see the detailed results of the survey, read this article.