August was a good month for our team, least of all because of our beautiful retreat in our Summer Camp villa in Gran Canaria! 

Below are some more pictures and some of our teams’ highlights during their stay in Gran Canaria. Our team is loving it over there, but don’t take our word for it… In our team’s own words:  


Michal Marcinik, CEO and Founder

“AdTonos decided to rent a villa in Gran Canaria to enjoy a ‘workation’ from a nice sunny place. Kind of like working from home, but much, much nicer! Why did we do this? Because the Summer Camp sounded like a fun way to get the team together, instead of camping out in a stuffy conference room for a few days!”

When asked about his favourite thing about the trip, Michal shared: 

“Everything about the trip was great. The travel there was the smoothest of all my journeys so far (and I do travel a lot)! It’s just amazing, I love the place and the weather. We had brainstorming meetings in the jacuzzi, relaxed roadmapping in the pool, and checked our sales KPIs in our hammocks.”

He also confessed: “I also loved saying: ‘I need everyone for an urgent meeting by the pool in 15 mins!’”

Katarzyna Bargielska, CMO and Co-Founder

As any co-Founder in any fast-growing startup would, I really do work very hard to ensure AdTonos doesn’t just survive, but thrives. It’s been a challenging few years for everyone, and we did our best to keep up with the market, and to honour our responsibility to investors and employees. The Summer Camp honestly was the perfect way to thank our team for working so hard; it’s a well-deserved get away for our dream team!

Wojciech Lichota, CTO and Co-Founder

“After a few years of working from home, it was a marvellous experience to meet colleagues face to face, work together, laugh together and relax together! The exotic scenery of Gran Canaria was just the cherry on top!”

William Dobbs, Ad-ops Programmatic Specialist 

“The Gran Canaria trip was a blast, chilling out in the villa, dabbling in a bit of surfing, and most importantly getting to know some of my colleagues better. It was great meeting them in person and I’m looking forward to the next time we get together.”

Klaudia Lizak, Product Owner

“I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to meet my colleagues face to face. I knew they were great people, but it was the live conversation that made their personalities truly shine!”

Lisa Stevenson, Business Development Director (UK)

“My highlight was spending time with some of our Polish colleagues. Our team is spread out across the world and there is nothing better than spending time with people face to face to connect and build relationships. Breathing in the sea air every day and soaking up the views was a real treat compared to the hustle and bustle of London and Nottingham city life. I’ll miss my little working spot…”

Nida El Amraoui, Digital Marketing Manager

“It’s always such a joy to see our team and especially members of the extended AdTonos family, as some colleagues brought their partners, children and close family members. We really have the best team and getting that time together in person really proves it!”

Fabian Fetter, Junior TS/JS Developer

“It was great! Especially chilling in the jacuzzi and swimming in the pool while working. We had a really nice time, and here’s one of my favourite pictures of Team Bravo on a coffee time meeting!”

Ewelina Turek, Social Media Specialist

“It was great to have the opportunity to finally meet in person and spend valuable time with other people in the company from different teams and often living in other parts of the world! The beautiful sights, lovely weather, and gorgeous villa made my time in Gran Canaria even better.”

Tony Moustakelis, Business Development Director (US)

“It was so lovely to be around my teammates and getting to know them on a personal level. It made me even more grateful to be part of such a great team and I am so happy to have many people from different cultures and countries that make it such a unique experience!”

A massive thank you again to everyone at AdTonos for your hard work this year!