Traditionally, audio advertising heavily relied on contextual targeting, as audio is one of the few formats that is consumed throughout the entire day, yet contextual targeting is not as commonly used or available on digital platforms. As a result of the new privacy regulations (GDPR, Apple’s ATT Privacy Framework, Google Privacy Sandbox), advertisers will find it harder than ever to continue to target audiences the way they have done previously.   

To resolve this issue, privacy-first contextual intelligence platform NumberEight and digital audio advertising platform AdTonos have announced a cross-media partnership. As partners, they will expand contextual targeting capabilities for audio advertising across radio, podcast, music streaming and mobile gaming channels. 

NumberEight offers mobile addressability solutions at scale by maximising untapped 1st party data. The company uses state-of-the-art mobile AI software to package users into ID-less behavioural audiences (e.g. joggers, frequent shoppers) and to connect with users in more relevant, impactful ways that also respect their privacy. 

“Our partnership with NumberEight accelerates our innovation rate and targeting capabilities while providing a brand-safe marketplace for advertisers and agencies.” Agata Maria Hirche, VP of Product, AdTonos

With audio consumption across radio stations, podcasts and music streaming services on the rise, it’s only natural that brand interest in audio advertising is on the uptake once again. This time, it’s paired with more traditional digital marketing approaches. These come with their own set of challenges, which AdTonos and NumberEight have sought to resolve through their partnership. 

“We’re very excited to partner with an omnichannel audio partner like AdTonos and help digital audio advertisers take advantage of this massive opportunity to reach relevant audiences in the moments that matter most with our unbiased mobile contextual data without any reliance on PII or identifiers – a very exciting time indeed!”  Abhishek Sen, CEO, NumberEight

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