We are excited to announce a rebrand for AdTonos! We are changing it up for you!

As part of rebranding AdTonos, we refreshed our logo, introduced new dynamic visuals and colours and launched a new website to create an improved visual identity.

Why did we do it?

The new visual communication was based on images of very distinctive characters, which were further emphasised by vivid, strong and expressive colours blasting off into space behind them. It is also supposed to represent the diverse dynamics of sound, which can be slow, calming, lively, but also swift, dynamic and energetic. The intention was to visually show how the world of sound is diverse and ‘multicoloured,’ like the feelings and emotions of listeners.

Through this brand refresh, AdTonos defines its future goals as propelling its brand to the next level of growth and innovation.
Commenting on rebranding Michal Marcinik, CEO and Founder of AdTonos said:

“At AdTonos, we are focusing on changing the idea of modern audio experience to social, collaborative, interactive and dynamic. We are passionate about audio, voice technology and digital marketing and I think that the new image reflects the spirit of the audio industry, the technology that we create, as well as the spirit and values of the AdTonos team. I strongly believe that the new look will strengthen the development of our business and will ensure its long-term growth.”

Katarzyna Bargielska, CMO and Co-Founder of AdTonos added:

“When we started the rebranding, we wanted to communicate our values clearly and speak the same ‘visual language’ as brands and publishers. We also wanted to reflect that we operate in a very diverse and individualised environment of recipients, who are as diverse as every single person on earth. Likewise, people who listen to music, podcasts or radio have different personalities, needs, feelings, and perceptions of the world around them. We talk to all of them.”

We hope you like our new look. Find out more.