Today we will discuss the topic of artificial intelligence in voice technologies on our blog. However, this hasn’t applied directly to audio marketing yet. Is it shortly to will be possible to introduce the voices of famous people who are no longer among us in the audio ads or podcasts? What is the potential for creating unprecedented advertising ads in audio or podcast series? Is it more of an opportunity or a threat to the development of creativity? What about possible abuses and the ethical side of such activities? Ohio News Time reports: “The movie Road Runner: A Movie About Anthony Bourdain mainly features real-life footage of famous chefs. However, the dialogue fragments were created via AI.

The exposure that documentary filmmakers used voice cloning software to force the late Anthony Bourdain to say words he never spoke was criticized in ethical concerns about the use of powerful technology. I collected it.”

“This renewed the debate about the future of voice cloning technology not only in the entertainment world but also in politics and the fast-growing commercial sector dedicated to translating the text into real human speech.”

“Many of these voice cloning companies have prominently posted ethical policies on their websites that explain their terms of use. Of the approximately 12 companies contacted by the Associated Press, many said they did not reproduce Bodin’s voice and did not reproduce it when requested. Others did not respond.”

Zohaib Ahmed, founder and CEO of Resemble AI, a Toronto company that sells custom AI voice generator services, said:

“Everyone’s voice needs consent when creating a voice clone.”

Ahmed said the rare opportunity to be allowed to duplicate his posthumous voice was for academic research, such as a project using the voice of Winston Churchill, who died in 1965.

It is impossible to cite the entire article here. Certainly, however, this example opens another, completely new chapter in audio content creation, including audio advertising creatives.

We invite you to read the article that shows completely new trends in the world of audio.