“The advertising giant Carat says one of the hottest media trends for 2021 is ‘screen-free media’ and audio is poised to benefit. ‘Voice and audio have gotten an unexpected boost from the pandemic’ says Carat in its annual report on the biggest trends in advertising” – we quote from InsideRadio, who discusses the latest Carat Trends 2021 report in its article.

“In 2021 we expect there to be a significant increase in audio advertising as both brands and platforms realize its value and power,” said the Carat report. Next, “We are likely to see lots of fresh inventory coming to audio and lots of new ways to target,” the report predicts.

The intersection of streaming audio, podcasts, smart speakers and voice search and controls is especially intriguing to Dan Calladine, Head of Media Futures at Carat, and Sean Healy, the agency’s Chief Strategy Officer, who authored the report.

“Digital audio is also growing fast, and targeting can be similar to digital video,” they said. “Brands’ audio strategies are expanding from voice search and podcasting to advertising and audio identities.”

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