“However, atop of audio’s unrivalled ability to reach key listeners for brands, is the potential to drive performance and better business outcomes – enabled through innovative measurement technology. ” – said Michal Marcinik, Founder & CEO at AdTonos, in ExchangeWire 2021 Predictions series called Audio & Conversational.

“One example of this is the integration of interactive elements within digital audio ads. Interaction triggers can be inserted into live ad breaks or pre-recorded streamed content, which listeners can respond to by completing a verbal call to action through a device, be it a smart speaker or mobile. Once the desired command has been completed, this is tracked in real-time, providing the brand with detailed insight that can inform better targeting and improve the listener experience. With additional metrics, and greater insight into success, publishers will benefit from the ability to better monetise their audio inventory and brands will be able to forge stronger links with valuable audiences.” – added Michal.

Investment in Audio will continue to rise as more brands recognise its targeting potential

“As marketing focus stays fixed on maximising reach and returns, we can only expect the appeal of audio to rise, accelerated by a larger stay at the home economy and audio’s capacity to build emotional connections with the listener. In tandem, programmatic capabilities are making it possible for cross-channel audio campaigns to be targeted with ever-sharper precision and measured at an equally granular level. It’s no coincidence that the preliminary estimates for investment in 2021/2022 are at their highest for the Main Media Advertising category, which includes audio and video. Moreover, brands want to know that their valuable budgets are securing optimal exposure for increasingly fractured and elusive audiences and the best chance of positive response; that’s exactly what today’s diverse audio landscape offers.” – commented Katarzyna Bargielska, Co-Founder & CMO at AdTonos.

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