Our marketing maestros enjoyed a productive and fun trip to Gdańsk during their Marketing Bootcamp on 12th – 14th July. The team got together to give and receive constructive feedback, to discuss workload and resource management and to discuss plans to recruit three more marketers into the team. But all work and no play would make for a very dull time!

We soaked in the city’s rich history; did you know for example that Poland’s coastline once supplied ancient Greek and Roman aristocracy with ‘Electrum’ (Amber) through the famous Amber Road – a road connecting the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean?

We made sure to walk along the Dlugi Targ or the ‘Long Market’ (a 500 metre long street) and of course, checked out some of the local Amber jewellery along the way!

From the Golden Gate to Neptune Fountain in Gdańsk to the beautiful market stalls, ‘pirate’ ships and sandy beaches of Sopot, we spotted some key tourist attractions, and even enjoyed a Water Taxi ride on the Motlawa River.

Here, we got a closer look at Zuraw or ‘the Crane’, which was used to load cargo onto ships centuries ago! And of course, no trip would be complete without appreciating the local cuisine – we feasted on savoury and sweet pierogi and other yummy treats, and were pleasantly surprised at the range of vegetarian, vegan-friendly and alcohol-free options available.

Want to check out a new city with your team for a team-building exercise of your own? We whole-heartedly recommend Gdańsk!