Wednesday 08 September 2021, 14:00 – 15:35 (Registration 13:50 – 14:00)
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Do you like to listen to passionate and creative people?
If so, you surely have to join IAB’s Audio Week webinar! It’s an event during which you’ll get to know experts from the field of audio advertising. There will be 4 lecture blocks – each will last 20 minutes. Topics to be explored include building audio partnerships, audio monetisation with user-centric innovation, sonic branding as a replacement for visual branding and an overall look at how to build a connection with a highly differential audience during a 30 seconds ad.

Let’s take a closer look at outlined speeches
The most interesting speech (according to our biased forecast) will be held by Abhishek Sen, NumberEight CEO and Co-Founder, Niki Stoker, A Million Ads COO, Anna-Lena Mikoteit, Octave Product and Strategy Lead and Michał Marcinik, AdTonos CEO and Founder. At the time of this speech, we’ll focus on Upgrading Audio Monetisation with User-Centric Innovation. What does it mean? Speakers will share with us some of the best ideas on how to introduce new solutions (and what solutions to introduce) in digital audio to increase the quality of user experience and thereby increase the efficiency of monetization. This one will be a real treasure chest filled with brilliant concepts. Listening to our presentations will familiarize you with insights on different solutions available, their scope and potential, limitations, as well as with POCs’ results and case studies.

Moreover, during the event you can learn more about:
Building an Audio Partnership: Is it all about innovation? Trust? Quick decision-making? Or maybe the answer is somewhere else? Two great companies (Wickes and Bauer) will reveal the secret of their successful long-term audio partnership. They’ll show us some of their most interesting case studies and their favourite campaigns to present how creative and agile audio advertising can be.
HFSS Audio Research: Childhood obesity becomes a real problem these days. Nevertheless, there is a concern that the new legislation that will completely ban digital ads for certain products high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) will overreach. Some advertisers will turn to audio as podcasts, streaming or radio are not considered under the new legislation. How to replace visual branding with a sonic one? The answer to this and other questions will be given during Amanda DiMarco’s, Director of Customer Success at Veritonic, speech.
How to Win Ears and Influence People: Audio advertising has become a real hard nut. The audience is gigantic, everyone has different musical tastes and interests and you usually have approximately 30 seconds to introduce yourself and to build a rapport with listeners. How to do it in the right way? Kathleen Moroney, Executive Creative Director at Red Apple Creative will share her knowledge on this topic during her speech.

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