Technology is no longer sneaking into our lives, it’s ostentatiously living rent-free right in the same room. And that’s marvellous news for audio marketing!

The numbers are truly impressive.

The absorption of voice technologies by society took place at an even faster pace than the popularization of smartphones. By 2023, voice commerce is projected to reach $ 80 billion and its applicability is expected to expand at an astonishing pace. Technology resource company says that the number of voice assistant users on smartphones rose 11% between 2018 and 2020, while daily active users rose 23%. What’s a little bit shocking is that if we divide the US adult population by 3, we get the number of the installed base of smart speakers in the U.S. (90.7 million) – and this number is constantly rising!

Smart devices controlled by voice are what people want. Smart TV’s are rocking here. A study carried out by Los Angeles market company Guts+Data in July indicated that 50,2% of 1,000 streaming consumers that were surveyed used voice commands to find and watch series and movies on streaming services – up from 44,4% last October. At the end of 2020 smart TVs were number one in the smart-home adoption category – 37,9% of U.S. households used them in their daily lives. Ear-worn devices are the next golden alley for the voice-tech industry. According to Gartner, spending increased by about 124% in 2020 – a total of $ 32.7 billion, expected to reach $ 39.2 billion in 2021. This increase has been largely attributed to people who work remotely (they upgrade their video calling headphones) and to consumers purchasing earbuds to use with their smartphones.

Why is that? Why are voice technologies rapidly gaining that much attention? The fast pace of life gets us to the point where everything has to be done as fast and as easily as possible. If we can perform a task without using our hands it’s obvious that this function is going to stick around. People want to command their devices while driving a car, cleaning the house, cooking or tinkering.

Brandon Kaplan, CEO of voice-first agency Skilled Creative, which has worked with HBO Max, Warner Music, Pottermore and other entertainment brands, believes:

“There’s a great opportunity for media and entertainment as companies adopt voice as a strategic element in marketing to support the natural growth of awareness and demand.“

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