London, 10th April 2020 – AdTonos, the programmatic audio platform managed by the London-based Radio Net Media company, was just joined by Magdalena Kita. As the new VP of Sales Poland, she’ll oversee the entire sales process, client acquisition, and revenue streams.

AdTonos isn’t slowing down its growth plans and keeps working on new tech to provide advertisers with effective, measurable tools for performance-based audio advertising. In April, their team was joined by a new member: Magdalena Kita, a sales director with years of experience in the online advertising market.

Previously Head of Sales at Httpool, Magdalena Kita was responsible, among others, for shaping Spotify’s sales strategy and brand image in Poland, working closely with Spotify’s London HQ.

For years she was part of the Polish Internet Media House IDM net S.A. and the ZPR Media Group, one of the biggest press publishers, radio and TV broadcasters and online service owners. She also gained a lot of experience at Marquard Media Polska Sp. z o.o. acquiring advertisers for magazines like Playboy and CKM. She worked at AWR Wprost where she managed the sales of advertising space for BusinessWeek, Wprost, and the online editions of both. Throughout her career, Magdalena Kita has worked with multiple media houses and advertising agencies. At AdTonos she’ll be responsible for sales in the Polish market and for creating and executing the platform’s sales strategy.

Observing the dynamically changing advertising market I can see that online audio advertising will keep on growing and attracting brands. The AdTonos platform connects traditional radio with programmatic audio ads with measurable performance, making it an innovative solution in the advertising world. I believe that it will quickly create its own space on the map of media standards, with a strong position. That’s why I feel excited about joining the team and can’t wait for the tasks ahead.” – says Magdalena Kita.

For AdTonos this means more growth in the audio advertising market and being able to connect advertisers with online radio publishers even more effectively. 

“We created a cutting-edge advertising product and excellent programmatic audio technology. We keep working on new ground-breaking solutions for advertisers. The biggest media houses are already actively investing in our product, and the time has come to make it available to a wider group of advertisers. Our goal is to implement technological capabilities that provide the radio advertising industry with more effective tools. And that’s also why I’m so happy that Magda, with her experience in selling audio ads, has joined our team.” – adds Michał Marcinik, AdTonos CEO and Founder. 

AdTonos offers ads in the programmatic model for radio streams and other audio content publishers like online stations or podcasts. Apart from broadcasting radio commercials, the platform also enables precise ad targeting. It offers almost 1000 primary and 800 secondary taxonomies like gender, age, interest, customer journey or purchase intent, compliant with the IAB standard. There are additional parameters available like geolocation criteria, devices, or the publisher brand.  Apart from the standard capping functionality, which enables advertisers to limit the number of times an ad is played to a single user, AdTonos also offers an ad space inventory from multiple publishers in one place and precise measurability of campaign results.