These rainy November days turned out to be very fruitful for us. We’ve spent three days meeting people who shared their best knowledge with us.

First, we had a chance to discuss our challenges with Slalom Consulting representatives who shared their experiences delivering the best knowledge and best practice learned when providing a large variety of consulting services to large multimillion companies and startups.

Later that day our CEO Michal Marcinik and CFO Marcin Ostrowski took part in a workshop held at Google Campus London, by Seedcamp’s Partner, Carlos Espinal. Seedcamp, arguably one of the most prolific European early-stage investors, presented a session on the European market and what to look out for. Next, there was a panel featuring Rune Bentien (Googler with strong B2B sales experience), Helen Attia (Director of Sales at Chargifi with B2B Enterprise and SaaS sales experience from Adobe, Oracle, EDITD) amongst others.

The workshop was followed by a roundtable VCs meeting to discuss potential interest to raise funding and evaluate our business idea.

We have also had a very inspiring meeting with Harry Stebbins who is the Founder of The Twenty Minute VC, the world’s largest independent venture capital podcast with over 100,000 listeners, partnerships with Mattermark and ProductHunt and guests from over 200 VCs including the likes of Accel, Kleiner, Y Combinator, Benchmark and Index.

On the next day, we have met with Jas Bagniewski, CEO of the Evesleep startup, which is expanding its operations in Europe exponentially, who shared his experiences about managing multiple markets with an impressive growth rate.

You can read more information about those days on inCredibles page:

“The best place to get in touch with a vast amount of investors and VC’s from all over the world is in London. That’s where the InCredible startup founders went to keep this snowball of success rolling.

The plan included mentoring with local experts like talks with foreign startup owners in London. During those, our InCredibles had ample opportunities to learn about new ways to reach customers abroad and a few new tricks to surprise those at home with something new. The InCredibles also met with the heads of Campus London and Campus Warsaw. They engaged in a panel about go-to-market strategies for both SaaS investments and financing.”